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Does this sound like you:


  • You’re a Speaker or Expert and need to ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY so you can get more speaking engagements
  • You need MORE LEADS to grow your business
  • You’ve been writing your eBook for weeks, months, or even years and you’re STILL NOT FINISHED
  • You need some direction in order to GET YOUR eBOOK DONE - FINALLY!!


Or maybe this is you:

frustrated writer

  • You already wrote an eBook but don’t know WHAT TO DO WITH IT NOW
  • You already have an eBook but it’s not bringing you any NEW LEADS OR MAKING YOU MONEY
  • You already have an eBook but don’t know HOW TO PUBLISH OR PROMOTE IT


The Personal Lead Generating eBook Strategy Session is a PRIVATE, 2-hour, 1-on-1 consultation to help you get focused and on track with your writing project.

This session will leave you feeling crystal clear on your direction, completely energized and extremely motivated so you can finally get your eBook over the finish line and get it published!

Your session will even be recorded and sent to you so you can listen to it as often as you need to stay focused and on-track with your writing project.

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