Entrepreneur Author Elite eBook CREATION Program

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You don’t need just any book to get more clients and make more money.

You need a LEAD GENERATING eBook!


ebook creator boxIn this 60-day Exclusive Mentorship Program, you and I will work together, one-on-one to WRITE, PREPARE,  & PUBLISH your own LEAD GENERATING eBook that will position you as an expert and send 1000′s of fresh new leads to your website every single month – WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME ON ADVERTISING!

The key to a successful LEAD GENERATING eBook is positioning and structure. To make sure your eBook contains all the essential elements in all the right places, I have developed a “no-brainer”, super-simple guide for you to follow while you draft your content.

My specialized “Instant Lead-Gen eBook Creator®” template will help you organize your all your thoughts and completely eliminate all the confusion and stress around writing your eBook.

No more staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen!


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 Also available: 2-Session “Get-My eBook-Done” VIP  Option



IMPORTANT: This is NOT a training program or info product. This is a one-on-one, PERSONALIZED MENTORSHIP OPPORTUNITY and available by application only. I work with only a small, select number of Entrepreneur Authors at a time so they have my complete and full attention throughout the entire process.


I won’t lie - this is a really intense program, but you won’t get this kind of expertise or support ANYWHERE. No one else will get you over the finish line. This program is for serious and committed  Entrepreneur Authors only.

This is just some of what happens in the 60 days we spend working together, chapter by chapter:

  • Creative the outline and framework for your eBook using my specialized INSTANT LEAD-GEN eBOOK CREATOR®
  • Leverage outside resources to get others to CREATE PARTS OF YOUR eBOOK for you
  • Determine and implement the BEST FORMAT to achieve the results you desire
  • Uncover what your MARKET DESIRES, so you can give them EXACTLY what they’re searching for and MORE!
  • Learn what you need to know about AMAZON so you don’t get BANNED from their program
  • Choose the perfect CATEGORIES that will get your eBook noticed and help you sell more
  • Determine the right KEYWORDS to use in your eBook and where to place them for the BIGGEST results
  • Learn EDITING & PROOFING tips and strategies that will make writing your book so much EASIER
  • THE BIG 3: AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, APPLE iBOOKSTORE: How they compare and what you need to consider when deciding where to sell your eBook
  • GET REVIEWS: How and where to get feedback on your eBook even if you have a small list or no list at all
  • CREATE AN EYE CATCHING COVER: Find out the best choices for colors, fonts, and images that will attract your readers
  • TITLES & SUBTITLES: How to create a POWERFUL name for your eBook that will attract the most readers
  • BUILD INTERACTION with your readesr within your eBook to entice them to visit your website
  • PRE-LAUNCH CHECKLIST to make sure all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted so you can have a stress-free book launch
  • Create a stunning AUTHOR PROFILE that instantly positions you as the go-to, trusted EXPERT in your field

Once we complete and publish your eBook, it will be available to over 3 BILLION READERS in 29 COUNTRIES for instant delivery. How cool is that??!!

If you know it’s time to stand out from the crowd of other experts in your field (and there are a lot of them!) and create your own eBook that is structured and fully optimized to generate 1000′s of new, qualified leads without spending a dime on advertising – no Facebook ads, no Google Adwords, no Linked In Ads – nothing! - then click below and complete a brief application.

I will personally review your application and reply within 2 business days to set up a convenient time to discuss your options and opportunities. (no obligation required)

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 Also available: 2-Session “Get-My eBook-Done” VIP  Option


Coach-Darlene-261x300I was surprised at how much I learned.”

I really enjoyed the whole package. I was surprised at how much I learned. Also, when I get ready to write my eBook I would consider participating in your 12 week program. It’s been a pleasure!

                                                Darlene Duncan,  Entrepreneur, Coach, Author
                                                New Perspective Coach