Personal Mentoring

Full Day Personal Mentoring Sessions 


Private, 1-on-1 sessions with me where we will spend an entire day developing your own personal business and marketing plan and step-by-step action plan for creating the your dream business.

Warning: This session is not for the faint of heart, and you absolutely MUST be committed to taking BIG LEAPS FORWARD! This intensive, interactive full day session is designed around YOUR business, YOUR challenges, and YOUR goals. I won’t lie – this will be a lot of work for one day, but we will definitely have some fun too!

During this full day intensive and interactive workshop, we will create clarity on your goals, develop your own individual strategy, and determine your action steps for success.

These are some of the things we’ll get done on your personal, 1-on-1 Personal Day Mentoring Session:

  • Uncover your Ideal Client, where to find them, and what they REALLY want
  • Define both your short-term and long-term goals and set the plan for EXCEEDING those goals
  • Craft you Authentic Engagement Message so you’re always prepared with a response to that dreaded “So, what do you do?” question.
  • Design logical and honest responses to overcome objections and fearsof your ideal client
  • Create your Step By Step Master Plan for Success – both online and offline – some of which will even make money for you while you sleep!
  • Draft your Product & Services Development Plan
  • Review & Determine Your Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Design yourBlueprint to Build a Community of Loyal Clients
  • Website Review and Recommendations
  • Set up the RIGHT Social Media platforms and strategies to accomplish your goals
  • Multi-media Marketing Boot Camp – learn how attract more clients using eBooks, video, webinars, and tele-classes
  • Special Vision Day Personal Playbook & Binder containing checklists, action plans, strategy plans, blueprints, thoughts, hopes, and dreams, and place to keep all your notes for future reference
  • Subscription to my eZine “HOT OFF THE PRESS” – Delivered directly to your inbox, this eZine contains easy to understand and implement strategies and tips for writing, launching, and marketing your eBook, growing your business, and making more money using today’s multi-media options
  • NEW!!! Membership in my PRIVATE Members Forum on Facebook - where you can get support and tips from other innovative, like-minded business owners going through the exact same challenges that you are. Tap into the collective wisdom of the most amazing community anywhere.
  • Ans so MUCH MORE!!!

This special day is all about YOU and Developing Your Own UNIQUE BRAND!


 Erica biz cropped“Robbin helped me to see the potential I have within, to take my business to the next level!”

 “After spending an entire day with Robbin, I gained more clarity with the direction I should go with my business. Not only did she give me valuable knowledge and insight on the secrets of getting an e-book published, she also challenged me with multiple ideas to take back to my business for immediate implementation! Robbin helped me to see the potential I have within, to take my business to the next level!”                                                            Erica L. Aker,


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If you’re unsure about investing in a full day of 1-on-1 private, personal mentoring, where you will come away with tons of tips, plans, and guidance, then consider, for a moment, what you may have spent already, or plan to spend on:

  • A new website – Cost: $3000: Are you sure you’re set up for success and have the RIGHT content?
  • Business cards & promotional material – Cost: $200-$1000: Are you sure your image accurately portrays the benefits you provide to you clients?
  • Networking Groups – Cost: $300/year: Are you connecting with the right people that will provide you with access to your ideal client or who you can leverage a win-win partnership with?
  • Product Development – Cost: $1000-$3000/product: Did you know there are very easy, inexpensive ways to produce high quality products quickly without hiring consultants or products developers?

Not to mention all the hundreds of hours it will take you to search out and learn everything on your own, from tons of different resources, still not making a single dollar Cost: PRICELESS!

But more importantly– who’s going to hold you accountable to action all of these plans and strategies?

I will, of course!  I won’t just love you and leave you We will also have 3 – 30 minute follow-up calls once a month, for 3 months – so you can maintain the momentum, re-enforce your confidence, and get answers to any questions you may have about the plans and strategies we designed for you.  There’s even no need to take notes during our follow-up calls because I will record the calls for you so you can listen to the recordings again and again when you’re feeling the strain or pressure, or just need to hear a friendly voice who believes in you.


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