NEW Authors!

I’m proud to announce the following NEW ENTREPRENEUR AUTHORS:


FINAL Money-Manifestation-Miracles-ThumbnailMeriflor Toneatto

“Money, Manifestation & Miracles takes a revealing look at women’s unique relationship with money and examines the key areas that hold women back from greater wealth and success.”






Nafissa ShireenNafissa Shirean eCover Flat Image

“In my new eBook, I don’t just talk about the food, I deal with the politics and pressures that can trip up even the most health conscious leader. It’s the stuff nobody talks about, and I’m sharing everything” 





Ariaa JaegerAriaaismsSpiritualFoodfortheSoulFINALBOOKCOVERFORREAL

“Ariaaisms – Spiritual Food for the Soul” is more than a mere literary publication on the topic of spirituality. This is a JOURNEY IN DISCOVERY created by love to teach you what you already know, the basic elements for raising your conscious awareness and becoming the self-sufficient gods you were divinely designed to be all along, liberated from disease, fear, poverty, suffering, resentments, ego, ignorance and loneliness. If you want to transform your life, simply turn the page and let the journey begin.”




Ariaa JaegerBook of Ariaa JPEG Flat Image

“The Book of Ariaa ~Quotes for a Luminous Life” are energetic verbal vibrations divinely designed to reach deep into the readers’ most guarded places to evolve, inspire and empower those who drink them in.







Bryan JeanOne_To_Talk_About_BULLYING_book_3D (1)

In this book, “One To Talk 2—About Bullying”, you will learn how to mentally prepare yourself for the bully and how to build your own support group with a little help from us, here at “One To Talk 2”.

It is time for us to build our own army of supporters to challenge this status quo.






This is the most “unique and fascinating” book of the 21st century with interviews and seminars from college students [ages 18-65] who realize “Diversity has a voice”  They took special time to voice their views, opinions, thoughts, beliefs and concerns, in their own words.  The reader may be shocked, embarrassed, ashamed, proud, applaud, connected, dumbfounded, provoked, taken aback, unbelievably humbled, or appalled from horrific 18th century jargon in a 21st century world.