Entrepreneur Author eBook Give Away Event: Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2014 ONLY!

A few times per year I run this event for a few select Entrepreneur Authors I have worked with and supported along their journeys to publishing the books of their dreams, and this is the first for 2014!

During these 3 days, you will have the opportunity to obtain the eBook version AT NO CHARGE (FREE, NADA, ZERO $$) directly from Amazon. 

You will really enjoy the books included in this promotion, and these authors are true experts in their fields. I’m just feel so fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them all. 


CLICK HERE to get “Is SUCCESS Making You FAT? The INFLUENTIAL LEADER’S Guide to Navigating Food Adversity While Bringing Home the Bacon” by Nafissa Shireen, founder of Core Excellence Coaching

Nafissa Shirean eCover Flat ImageAs a successful and busy leader, do you find yourself working long days, managing unrealistic deadlines, traveling, answering emails at all hours, over committed, with no time for yourself? Is your career running YOU? To make matters worse, do you often find yourself at professional functions involving food?

How many times have you said “This job is making me fat!”?

“I am committed to helping high-achieving, performance-driven professionals create breakout success in their work and life.” Contact me to begin designing The WorkStyle™ that gets you exactly where you want to be.

Nafissa also has some free gifts for you whether you grab her eBook or not! Check it all out HERE @ www.IsSuccessMakingYouFat.com

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Book of Ariaa JPEG Flat ImageCLICK HERE to get “The Book of Ariaa: Quotes for a Luminous Life” by Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is an internationally recognized Spiritual Growth and Human Potential Strategist, Visionary, Intuitive, natural healer, Philosopher, Author & people magnet who has taught and inspired millions around the world. Ariaa was featured by CNN and Huffington Post for her impact in social media and she has also appeared on “Oprah and PBS and innumerable radio shows. Since her clinical death in the Austrian Alps in 1993, Ariaa has devoted her life to helping people from every culture to heal, prosper, evolve and transform their lives. Ariaa teaches spirituality, meditation and profound yet practical principles to live a life of joy, love and abundance. With extraordinary spiritual gifts, visible halos of light and tangible electric energy, Ariaa has worked with and helped millions across the globe in their personal transformation. In 2009 Ariaa was nominated and elected as an Official Ambassador for the Love Foundation. As an animal rights activist, environmentalist and humanitarian she donates her time and energy to help create a better world. Ariaa is also a gifted singer who was invited to sing at the United Nations Spirit Awards in 2009.

You can learn more about Ariaa and how she works with people all around the world at www.ariaa.com

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best GURUS eBook Cover FINAL Aug 1 2013

CLICK HERE to get “eBook Publishing POWER for Entrepreneurs: SECRETS the Gurus Don’t Teach You” by Robbin Simons, Best-selling Author and mentor to Entrepreneur Authors

In this NEW eBook I’m breaking out all the cool stuff!
This one is full of CUTTING EDGE strategies that NO ONE wants to teach, and I’m sharing everything!
I wrote this eBook to be used as a guide specifically for Entrepreneur Authors who want create a SIMPLE eBook for the purpose of growing their subscriber list, getting fresh new leads consistently, and growing their business.

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CLICK HERE to get “The Holistic Health & Wellness Entrepreneur’s Essential Handbook for Success” by Robbin Simons, Best-selling Author and mentor to Entrepreneur Authors

The opportunities for Holistic Therapy practitioners to make a living in the wellness industry are better today than ever before. However, many wellness and natural health education provider’s do not provide sufficient training on how to start, market, and grow a successful practice. 

The Holistic Health & Wellness Entrepreneur’s Essential Handbook for Success provides the reader with the essential tactics and strategies for creating an abundant and successful business, without compromising on authenticity.

There are some FREE BONUS downloads available for this eBook, too! You can access them HERE: www.robbinsimons.com/holistichandbooktemplates/

Sometimes technology will fail us, so if you happen to experience any difficulty obtaining any of these eBooks for free from Amazon during the time of our promotion (Friday, January 31 until Sunday, February 2, 2014), please contact us directly at support@robbinsimons.com and we will be more than happy to ensure you receive the free eBook(s) of your choice as soon as we can make it happen!