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Robbin Simons is the go-to expert on LEAD GENERATING eBook creation strategies for entrepreneurial success.


Robbin ItFactor 1Over the past 20 years, I have enjoyed a very successful corporate career in the field of Supply Chain working with global Fortune 500 companies in the information technology, retail, and life sciences industries. I have even been fortunate enough to be recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine as a “2011 Practitioner Pro to Know”.

But with all of my corporate successes, I still felt the desire to do something more meaningful with my life…something more authentic where I could truly make a difference in peoples’ lives.

I began my journey by re-connecting with my own energies and purpose, spending many years studying and practicing various Holistic Therapies including Iridology, Reiki, Holistic Nutrition, & others.

Using my previous corporate background and skills, I started my entrepreneurial journey with my own Holistic Therapy business.  I did all the things entrepreneurs do to market their businesses. I tried Facebook ads, Google Ad Words, etc. but I wasn’t getting a decent ROI (return on investment) , so I started looking for other alternatives.

One day, while browsing the internet in search of some direction and new found inspiration, I happened upon an eBook on Amazon.  I don’t recall the title or subject of this eBook, but it wasn’t so much the content that I found intriguing. It was the structure of the eBook itself that I became fascinated with. As I began to investigate the technology behind the eBook format, I clearly saw an opportunity to write and structure eBooks in a way that entrepreneurs and authors could use them as a tool to generate qualified leads and attract more ideal clients.

From that point forward, my business model and purpose changed. I saw that many entrepreneurs were missing out on greater opportunities to create a lead generating  ebook using content or information they already had to attract more clients, increase their sales AND get their message out into the world in a bigger way.

I help people just like you – Professional Speakers, Exerts, Coaches, and Entrepreneur Authors –  people with a story to tell who need the help and the tools to tell it and grow their business.



Author of “eBook Publishing POWER for Entrepreneurs: SECRETS the Gurus Don’t Teach You” , available at




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Author of  2-time best seller “The Holistic Health & Wellness Entrepreneur’s Essential Handbook for Success: Easy Ways to Make More Money Doing What You Love”, available at





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DozerOne of my most favorite things to do is spend time writing outside my own home in places like Starbucks, or other coffee houses.

I’m also the mother of 2 truly amazing adult sons and one rambunctious Boston Terrier we call Dozer.