Cool, New Income Streams from eBooks: Work Books

books-icon-512Why not create a workbook to help readers put lessons into action? If your eBook is instructional or provides a process or “key” solutions to a challenge,  a workbook can be the perfect companion product to cross-sell or up-sell with your eBook. This is particularly successful for Entrepreneur Authors who are able to create a simple eBook leveraging bits and pieces from their signature system or program.  Because work books have a high perceived value, they can often be sold for more than the actual eBook. Here are a few simple ways you can tak advantage of bundling your eBook with a work book and  get this hot revenue stream flowing:

  • Boost back-of-the-room sales with professional speaking engagements
  • Sell your eBook on Amazon and provide a link in the eBook back to your website to purchase the work book
  • Capitalize of the high perceived value of the work book and bundle it with the eBook to offer as a bonus to sell your program or services

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