Is Success Making You FAT?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our newest member of the PUBLISHED Entrepreneur Author Elite community……. (drum roll please)……..Nafissa Shireen!

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Is Success Making You FAT? The INFLUENTIAL LEADER’S Guide to Navigating Food Adversity While Bringing Home the Bacon

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Here’s a quick excerpt…

”My career had me, on the road, in the air, at hotels, out networking, eating in restaurants, working long days practically married to my blackberry, and quite frankly – with little to no time for myself coupled with habits that weren’t conducive to healthy living or eating, I found myself 50lbs overweight!”

Nafissa Shireen is a leadership and advancement coach and creator of a success framework she has named The C5 System™. Nafissa designed it especially for that special kind of individual currently working in the corporate environment who knows what they’re capable of, knows they have it within themselves to be a high-performing leader, and knows the time is NOW to develop their personal action plan for achieving their full potential.

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