How do you feel about this 4-letter word?

I would like to begin be expressing my sincere appreciation to you all, my amazing community, for supporting the release of my latest eBook on Amazon, “eBook Publishing POWER for Entrepreneurs: SECRETS the Gurus Don’t Teach You”. It was because of you that this little eBook became an Amazon Best-seller the very first day, hitting #1 in Amazon Kindle Store for Direct Marketing, #3 in Books for Direct Marketing, and #13 in the Entrepreneurship category – all very competitive categories! Thank you so much for your continued love and support.  I hope you took advantage of all the really cool free gifts my friends provided to celebrate the book launch. You can still access the gifts page for a short time at

But that wasn’t the only excitement contributing to the complete craziness I experienced last week. I also attended one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences for women in North America, the eWomen Nation Conference, which took place in Dallas, Texas.

As you can probably imagine, the event attracted women entrepreneurs from all over the world, in a vast array of businesses, and at all levels of success. Also in attendance were many high profile speakers such as Lisa Nichols, Hyrum Smith (Franklin Covey), Ken Kragen (TV & film producer and music manager) Sally Hogshead (author & speaker), Sandra Dee Robinson (actress), and many more. To say that this event was electrifying and inspiring would be an understatement.

FearfulDuring one of the sessions, I was particularly affected by the topic of fear, and the role it plays in sabotaging our success, holding us in a place of “what COULD happen”, and keeping us from living our dreams. I took a long hard look at my own fears and, after some harsh self-reflection, I can now acknowledge  that I have 2 fairly significant fears that are keeping me from moving forward in my business and in my life:

  1. The guilt I might feel if I am actually living my dream.
  2. Being judged for my past mistakes as a result of any success I may experience.

So, I’m wondering – What are your greatest fears? I would love to know. I would really like you to share your greatest fears with me by posting on my blog here below in the comments section:

This is such a compelling and emotional topic that I decided that it will be the subject of my next eBook project. I’m not sure what shape it will take yet, but I have confidence that, whatever it is, it will reveal itself to me through your words….through your fears.

I look hope you will share with me.

Wishing you inspiration & success,


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