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Prior to discovering how to create LEAD GENERATING eBooks, I was doing my best at marketing my business. I did all the things we’re supposed to do to get the word out about my business.  I did Facebook Ads, Linked In marketing, I joined networking groups, and all of the things recommended and taught by many experts in the online marketing industry..

But the thing about using those techniques to market my business was that there were so many others running the same kinds of ads for the same kind of services. And, as you may have also experienced, it’s tough to gain credibility or become known and stand out as an expert in your field when there are so many other very qualified (and sometimes not so qualified) people out there competing for the same clients.

I spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads that got a lot of clicks, and maybe only a few opt-ins to my list, but there were really no solid results or return on my investment. And, if you have ever run Facebook or Linked In ads, or even Google Adwords before, you know how it works. You’re credit card is charged every time a curious browser clicks on your ad. Many of these “curiosity clickers” have no intention of opting in to your list or signing up for your tele-class or your services or programs. But you know what? You still get billed for every single click.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Linked In ads do work for some people, and I truly hope that if you choose to try this method of marketing your business, it works for you and that you are getting lots of new leads from these kinds of ads. But I have many clients who have previously gone down this road prior to working with me and creating their own lead generating eBook, who share the same experiences I just mentioned.

This is why publishing eBooks, especially with Amazon is so wonderful and so VALUABLE for speakers, coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs.

OK – let’s get started!

(I’ll be posting the next chapter in 2-3 days so stay tuned!)


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