My Super-Simple 5 Step Process For Identifying Your REAL Ideal Client

You may be wondering why everyone talks so much about needing to identify your ideal client and why this is so important. Here’s the deal – If you’re not 100 percent aligned with your clients you will not be happy to work with them. This will disrupt the flow of positive energy in your sessions and in your business and could even slow down your progress.

Another thing to consider is the relationship value of your client or customer.  Again you’ve been working with. You may be successful getting them in the door but do they return again and again, do they buy from you over and over again, and do they refer their friends to you?

So what are the qualities of an Ideal Client and Customer?

  • They are able and willing to pay what you’re worth
  • They have problems and challenges you love solving and working with
  • They know you can help them and are motivated to work with you
  • You actually like them!
  • They respect your time, skills, gifts, and your space

Ready to get started? Let’s go through my super simple 5 step process for identifying YOUR ideal client…..

Step #1: Look back on your favourite clients and customers and write down what you like most about them and why they were great to work with.

Step #2: Make a list of all your favourite clients’ outer qualities. Consider things like their sex, age, income, occupation, where they live, family life, kids, education level, beliefs, and hobbies

Step #3: Now write down their fears, frustrations, wants and desires. Think about what they worry most about, what keeps them up at night that you may be able to help them with. What have they tried in the past that didn’t work, what do they believe is possible?

Step #4: Take all of the information from the previous steps, give this person a name, and tell their story in ONE paragraph. Here’s an example:

Maggie is a 36 year old medical supplies buyer. She is interested in computers, meditation, yoga, and reading self help books. She loves to spend her free time going to a café and reading a book while she enjoys a mocha latte. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her husband and son. She makes about $90,000 per year. Her biggest fear is being able to give her child a safe and happy life. What she really dreams of is having a life in politics.

Step #5: Focus all your marketing efforts on this ONE person. This is the secret to getting a clear vision of your ideal client and creating effortless marketing messages.

How will you use this information to grow your business?

Identifying your Ideal Client and giving them a name and identity will make it much easier to write all your marketing messages.

You can use this the next time you need to write an email to your list, simply by writing it to ONE person and notice how the whole process and experience of writing your content shifts. I’m sure you’ll even see a difference in the response you get too.

As your practice or business grown, so will the identity of your ideal client that you have developed. It’s OK to make adjustments along the way, but just be sure to choose someone NOW to start with.

Wishing you inspiration & success,


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