20 Business Expenses That Are Typically FULLY Deductible for Wellness & Natural Therapy Businesses

I know you all spend a lot of money setting up your practice or business, and the ongoing costs can definitely add up as well. Fortunately, you may be able to receive some type of relief in the form of full tax deductions for some of those regular and costly expenses, depending on your government tax rules.

The following items are expenses to consider and discuss with your accountant to see if they are applicable:

  1. Bank service fees
  2. Business insurance
  3. Credit card fees
  4. Professional dues & membership fees
  5. Marketing materials
  6. Office supplies
  7. Postage
  8. Mail box rental
  9. Website hosting fees
  10. Printing and photocopying charges
  11. Rent
  12. Product samples
  13. Telephone, cell phone, utilities, internet
  14. Furniture
  15. Massage tables & linens
  16. Computer equipment
  17. Printer, ink
  18. Repairs, maintenance
  19. Education
  20. Software

I encourage you to check out your government taxation websites and local small business support organizations to find information about other fully and partially deductible expenses. Every little bit helps!


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